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Musawa participate in the Forty-first session of the Human Rights Council

Musawa participate in the Forty-first session of the Human Rights Council

Musawa participated in the forty-first session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva on 1-4 July with a delegation of Syrian women activists representing several Syrian women organizations. This trip was organized by the Euro-Mediterranean Women’s Initiative.

The shelling of Idlib, the killing of civilians and the displacement of hundreds of thousands

The delegation met with the ambassadors and representatives of several European countries concerned with the Syrian issue, as well as several international bodies concerned with the affairs of displaced persons, refugees and detainees and violence against women. Several topics were raised by the women activists in the delegation. Here is a summary of the most important points raised in these meetings

There are armies of 5 countries located on Syrian territory

Protection for 3 million civilians in accordance with international law (the four Geneva Conventions)

Stop the hostilities, return to the agreement to reduce the escalation

Cease-fire and political solution in accordance with resolution 2254

Political solution and the return of negotiations under the umbrella of the United Nations and not the Russian umbrella

The problem in Syria is not solved by a constitutional committee, but by confidence-building measures, the first of which is the cessation of hostilities

We, as Syrian feminist activists, are not interested in any solution that is not under the umbrella of the United Nations, to support and facilitate a political process led by the Syrians. First, it guarantees a radical political change in Syria, a comprehensive transitional government and a transitional stage in which a gendered constitution is drafted by the Syrians, and a secure and neutral environment that allows for free and fair elections involving all Syrians and supervised by the United Nations. If this process is available, we demand that the representation of women be at least 30%, if not half

The lack of goods and the alarming prices in all areas of Syria, burning crops

Disturbing Situation of the displaced women, There are reports of sex for food in shelters

horrible situation in the camps, such as : Alhol, Alrukben, AlFurat

The situation of Syrian refugees in the neighbouring countries of asylum, especially Lebanon, agonizing agricultural work, sexual harassment, early marriage. Reliefs does not pay attention to the needs of women, the loss of many women and their children documents and the failure to resolve their legal situation in case of absence of the husband for any reason. As they are not previously qualified to support themselves and their children, they need women empowerment projects to enable them to enter the labor market

Deprivation of millions of children, especially Syrian girls, from educational opportunities, especially for displaced persons and refugees. We demand greater assistance for education especially for girls

Integration policies in Europe do not help the integration of refugee women and do not protect them from domestic violence

Safe voluntary return of refugees, guaranteeing the rights of women by return, and in the process of reconstruction

The file of the detainees and the disappeared is horrible. There are 8000 women detainees and 250 girls, and maybe more, who are detained in the prisons of the regime. They are subjected to all forms of violations. They are not submit to trial. There are 62 detainees who were martyred under torture. We demand that their human rights protected by international law, until they are released or brought to fair trials

Protect and secure the freedom of travel and movement of Syrian feminist activists

شاركنا رأيك، هل من تعليق ؟

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